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Welcome to Southwest Costa Rica.

No jumbo jets, no mega cruise ships, no casinos. You'll never have to fight for a spot on the beach. 

Everyone knows a little about Costa Rica but very few know of the sheer beauty of the Southwestern coastline. Nowhere else in the country do such high mountains come right to the coast and kiss the ocean.  This is considered the gateway to the Osa.  In the center of this gateway to the Osa, lies San Josecito.

San Josecito is a small area sitting at 900’ elevation, surrounded by high primary forest ridges; allowing a constant breeze, 10 degrees cooler than the beach and spectacular views in all directions.  Those who know it, call it the gem of the coast for its beauty, safety, and its all around good feeling that is hard to describe. 

A short 12 minute drive up a very well maintained road from the beach, passing home size trees, will bring you to the heart of San Josecito and to the entrance to The Twin Rivers Mother Farm.  Only a portion of the 250 acres is open to very large lots with view easements.  This allows for large amounts of space between neighbors.  The remainder of the property is set aside for conservation. From your turn-key plantation you have endless hiking, multiple waterfalls for swimming and fun, bird watching, exploring the two rivers on the farm, and horseback riding to name a few.  The only problem is, you will probably have a hard time leaving your pool while taking in the amazing scenery.  

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Project Nomad is a sales and rental opportunity on the Twin Rivers Farmstead in beautiful San Josecito Costa Rica.  

Enjoy your morning coffee or evening cocktails while howler monkeys play in the background and macaws perch on your property.  This is what a vacation home should be.

PN-1 is an architecturally designed home.  Designed to capture as much breeze and create as much shade as possible.  With huge roof overhangs and covered terraces that take the inside out and the outside in, the home is elevated to allow airflow under and around the entire structure.  One corner is even 15 feet in the air, giving a great feeling of exposure to the treetops.  And yet, you can walk from your car, through the house and to the pool without taking a single step up or down.  It’s all on the same elevation.  No stairs, which is unheard of in this region.  Remember this is a rainforest, so airflow is essential to a cool, dry and healthy home.  Not to mention the aesthetic appeal.

The home is a long thin rectangle set up with two master bedrooms with walk-ins, two and a half baths, and a huge open great room. This allows for a constant cross breeze moving through the house. (Interior walls are breeze killers and create heat.) The 1650 square feet of living and 910 square feet of terrace with infinity-edge pool give guests a number of unique places to relax and be alone, each location giving a different feel.  The house will live and feel much larger than it is.  

The European style kitchen, dining and double height living area open up onto pool deck and terrace with superior views. The villa’s interiors combine a contemporary style with expert touches of poured concrete, wood slabs, and genuine craftsmanship, creating a stylish balance in tribute to Costa Rica's tropical spa-like environment.

If you are interested in renting, click her to go to VRBO listing 843391.